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Until the last couple of years, the "art" of VES was taboo in some departments and held to only being performed by "seasoned veterans" in others. Does VES work? Absolutely, the little girl in this video is alive today because of it.  What is VES?  Vent - Enter - Search is a technique used to gain access to a structure and perform search o
Years come and go, people make New Year's Resolutions. We watch what we eat, go to the gym more, try to save money, etc.... This is all good stuff. Stuff that usually for most of us, DOES NOT LAST!!! So, let's make today's 10 minute drill one that is easy to keep and can save your life: "How do you plan on improving your firefighting in 2014?". It
So, you need a quick idea for a drill and across your computer screen appears this video from out Brothers in Farmingdale, NY. Instead of "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" which a lot of our folks like to do, keep this in mind: 1) Day time alarm with limited manpower. 2) No access to the basement from the interior. 3) Visible fire showing on the "3"
    Amazing how almost all construction is fireman NON-friendly undefined
P L Vulcan man vs machine training has paid off again. The proper tools and techniques enabled us to free a young man caught in antique handcuffs in about 30 seconds. Who needs keys undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

Read our article in Urban Firefighter Magazine Issue #3 entitled Outside Vent - Tower Ladder Style by Mark Gregory on Page # 82

VPS Windows - By Jim Sandas which appeared in Urban Firefiighter Magazine


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