Firefighter Bailout Training

PL Vulcan training concepts now offers firefighter bail out training. Having a staff that’s certified to instruct the Petzl EXO end user class and is well versed in the Sterling F4, Scott EZ-Scape, CMC escape artist, RIT Fire-AL devices. Our staff will train your firefighter in house or at our training grounds in firefighter personal escape. As we can obtain almost any device, we as instructors, do not push you the end user, towards any one device in particular we allow you the opportunity to choose which device or system works the best for your department. And we will train you to the best of our ability in the proper use of that escape system.

Firefighter Personal Escape is tool that we as firefighters should be very familiar with, with the hopes of never having to use it. PL Vulcan now offers training on several types of escape systems. The systems we offer training on are the Petzl EXO (certified end user class), Sterling F4, Scott EZ-Scape, CMC escape artist and RIT Fire-AL devices. But we are not limited to those devices only, we can and will train you to properly use any system or combination of devices you may have. We do not promote any one system or device; we leave that to you the end user. We do offer a rigorous training course on the system of your choice.