Man Vs Machinery

Machinery Entrapments occur all over the United States. Is your department capable of handling one? Whether it is a basic ring removal, a person with their arm stuck in a snow blower or a full entrapment involving agricultural equipment, let our instructors guide you through the necessary steps to perform these extrications. Our Power-point is recognized by the State of Massachusetts for 6 CME Hrs. and is currently under review for CME''s throughout several counties in New York State. Our Hands-On Training Program allows students to use various hand and power tools in scenarios ranging from limb entrapments / crush injuries to impalements. What separates our program from others? Our instructors all have practical experience in these difficult rescues. With over 20 years of experience, each P.L. Vulcan Instructor will guide you through the necessary steps that will be required. Our training program has been tried and proven true. Don't settle for imitations or knock-off programs. Schedule your reality based class today.

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