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Vulcan Fire Training Concepts Courses

PL Vulcan Fire Training Concepts offer both Classroom & Hands-On Training by "Experienced Firefighters"
We pride ourselves on the fact we are a "senior" teaching crew. The Instructors all have 20+ years of experience in the fire service.

Take a look at our programs to decide which ones may be of interest to your Department.
Our most popular program is the "Weekend Combination Program". PL Vulcan offers Friday night Classroom Lecture along with a Saturday Hands-On Program. The Lecture runs approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The Hands-On portion is 8 hours. This program allows firefighters to get their training requirements fulfilled without being put in the "doghouse" with their significant other.

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PL Vulcan Fire Training Concepts Online Training & News
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10 Minute Drill - Basement Fires

So, you need a quick idea for a drill and across your computer screen appears this video from out Brothers in Farmingdale, NY. Instead of "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" which a lot of our folks like to do, keep this in mind:

1) Day time alarm with limited manpower.

2) No access to the basement from the interior.

3) Visible fire showing on the "3"  aka "C" side of the building.

4) Junior Crew.

I like the fact that the men are talking to each other and coming up with a game plan prior to arrival. Make sure your PPE is properly on before getting off the rig. The hose stretch is always a task we can work on. Proper stretch and calculation of lengths will equal an easier time getting that line into operation. The pre connects  that many of us use are good, but..... make sure it is properly flaked out or if need be, remove a length on a close stretch. The officer makes a great call, knock it down and let's move in. The quarterbacks are saying "risk vs reward, put it out from the window". The officer made an educated decision and penetrated the fire area with a quick knockdown that SAVED THE HOUSE. 

Back-up line? Especially for basement fires, make sure that line is in place. Use the camera as the officer and show it to the nozzle firefighter so that he / she can see what you see and properly put water on the fire. Communication during the attack was very good. Where is the fire? Control your breathing, reports to command.....

That's my 10 minute take on this fire. Any points I missed??? 

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